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Guests at the Jefferson Inn in Southern Pines. circa early 1900s.

Guests relaxing outside the entrance of the Jefferson Inn in Southern Pines. Circa early 1900s.

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The Moore County Historical Association believes that it is important to preserve the past of this very unique county - a county rich in the Southern style of life tempered with a Northern spirit.

For over a century, most new residents of Moore County have come from out of state. As early as the late1800s this area beckoned those seeking refuge from the harsh northern winters and fast paced lifestyles. The mild climate and gentle quality of life brought them here to visit. Many who came to visit fell in love with the local charm and way of life and decided to stay. Over the following years word of the many benefits of living in Moore County continued to bring new residents who brought with them ideas and talents to add to the diverse community.

The Historical Association welcomes all who share a love for this unique area and a desire to keep our history alive. We celebrate those who founded our towns and communities, those who helped to preserve our history, and those who reside in the area today. Today’s residents are making tomorrow’s history. The Association's preservation efforts are unending.

Join now and be a part of the preservation program. As a member, you will receive an assortment of benefits including discounts on purchases, facility rentals, and tours plus free admission to our socials and lecture series. Most of all, your membership helps support the Association’s vital work in preserving our history for our children of tomorrow.

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