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On March 7, 1946, the Moore County Historical Association (MCHA) was formed for the purpose of purchasing the Shaw House and saving it from possible destruction. The Shaw House is the oldest house in Southern Pines on its original foundation and is considered of major historical significance.

The Association’s founder was Elizabeth (Buffie) Ives. She was a “Yankee lady” with a “Southern heart.” It was her guiding force that led the Association in the acquisition of the Shaw House, the Alston House, the Bryant House, and other places of historical significance. These acquisitions were made not because they were mansions of great importance but because they told the story of “how the people lived.”

The Association is the oldest historical association in continuous operation in North Carolina. It has never flagged in its efforts to preserve the culture of the region.

The Moore County Historical Association has shown strong support for historic preservation, and it has won numerous awards for its efforts. The publications program, with a firm scholarly base, has likewise been a vital part of these efforts. Through the years there have been many quality exhibitions of items from the region’s rich material culture.

The Association recognizes its obligation to bring a sense of place and belonging to all citizens of Moore County. In so doing, over two hundred members and friends support the Association through donations of money, time and talent. All activities are initiated and run by volunteer friends and members of the MCHA. Our dreams are ambitious, but the Association has a history of doing the seemingly impossible through shear enthusiasm and hard work.